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S.Anselmo, enviroment respect on building materials production

The directives of a clay product are to be natural and friendly, and basically a clay product identify itself with the healthy leaving.

Since our initial start up in the beginning of '900, in the town of Loreggia, Italy, before environmental responsibility was mandated, the company S.Anselmo had the feeling to be naturally involved in the mission to make production only in the respect of the nature, with the maximum responsibility for the quality of the life.

The continuous effort in the communication of the positivities of the S.Anselmo's products, has inspired a industrial philosophy that during the years has found confirmation with the new environmental policy that today is the main orientation for the consumers and the rules.

All the industrial plants of S.Anselmo and all the branch offices of S.Anselmo work with an extraordinary environmental commitments and stewardship.