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Building manufactures for a ecosustainable architecture

What is the value of reliability of the a company's environmental claims?

Many companies' environmental efforts are self-monitored, which can make it difficult to substantiate and compare sustainable product claims.
Beyond the certification that a company can produce on the different subjects, the respectability that the market recognized to a company through his history and his quality of the service are the best tools to evaluate a company's environmental claims.

Are the definitions of environmental terms important?

Currently, environmental terms are not universally defined. Clarity of term definitions is important so that environmental claims can be fully understood and fairly evaluated.

How much the LEED are helpful?

Today the buildings have the necessity to give answers not only to the architectural rules but above all to the real estate rules that are more and more looking for a performing environmental product.
The LEED are helpful to recognize the building inside the range of the environmental values

Have the LEED to be considered a part of the technical schedule of a product?

The building contractors have not still the awareness that the LEED are important tools that can be used as distinctive and prestigious elements. Only the most virtuous companies has already the awareness of the need of environmental values in the products they are going to use.